Promise & Peril in the Hypernetworked Now

Promise & Peril in the Hypernetworked Now

Here are the slides from my presentation to the Long Island chapter of the Contingency Planning Exchange.


Those of you who have been following my blog will recognize some familiar themes — the exponential rate of change, the widespread proliferation of connected objects (the Internet of Things), the expanding population of connected people, big data, and digital transformation. But you might also pick up on an unmistakable difference in tone. Given that the members of my audience work in contingency planning, disaster recovery and business protection, I felt it would be important to focus less on the upside potential of these technology and societal shifts, and more on the challenges they present to our sense of security, our notions of privacy, and our stance on ethics. Surveillance? Hacks? Cyber attacks? Identity Theft? Vigilanteism? Check, check, check, check and check. Needless to say, my messages in this presentation were a bit more pessimistic than in my usual corporate keynote.

And finally… As my friend Jane Quigley put it earlier this week, my slides are “beautiful but incomprehensible.” I took this as a compliment of the highest order, and proudly state that these particular slides fit the bill perfectly on both counts. So as always, a reminder that I create my slides to provide added visual interest during my presentations and that they are not meant to stand alone without the speech. That said, I’m sharing these for anyone who attended the event and for anyone else who might enjoy a peek.

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