Greg Verdino speaks about digital marketing, strategy and transformation — all from the standpoint of someone who has been “doing digital” professionally for nearly 25 years. Every program is customized based on your industry and attendees, event theme and goals for the presentation. Here are a few of his popular programs, but if digital is on your agenda Greg will work with you to design the perfect “transformation talk” to educate, excite and inspire your audience.

Digital Revolutionaries

How the World’s Boldest Brands Tap Into Technology to Anticipate the Needs of the Next Generation of Consumers

Digital Keynote Speaker Greg Verdino

From the Internet of Things to the automation of everything. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality. From virtual experiences to 3D printed products. From big data in the cloud to the collaborative power of people in the crowd. Driven by wave after wave of accelerating advances in technology, humans are racing toward a “hypernetworked now” that reimagines every aspect of how we live and work. Brands that can’t transform at the same speed of change will face an uncertain future at best and certain failure at worst. Those that can will see exciting opportunities for exponential growth.

Over the course of the past two decades, Greg has not only studied digital change; he has helped some of the world’s most highly regarded organizations navigate it successfully. In this thought-provoking exploration of the technologies and trends that will reboot business by 2020, you will see how the world’s boldest brands are already putting tomorrow’s biggest business ideas to work today – and learn how you can do the same in order to beat your competition to the future and meet the consumer of the future.


Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small

Digital Keynote Speaker Greg Verdino

In our age of information saturation, consumer attention is the scarcest commodity of all — which makes your job tougher than ever. How do you thread your messages through billions of bite-sized pieces of content to reach the right people? One thing’s for sure, you’re not going to succeed using traditional approaches. Mass marketing is dead; the next big thing is indeed very small. microMARKETING empowers you to rethink, retool, and revitalize your marketing strategies to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the microcontent explosion. In this talk, Greg will give attendees the tools they’ll need create a strategy that emphasizes relationships over reach, interactions over interruption, and social networking over broadcast networks. And the best part? While mass marketing was limited to big brands with even bigger budgets, Greg’s micromarketing approach puts powerful engagement and big results well within reach for organizations of all sizes.

This presentation draws on Greg’s book of the same name, providing real examples and practical takeaways for audiences looking to take their social media, content marketing and customer experience programs to the next level.

Product as Content

Content Strategy for the Internet of Everything

Content Strategy Speaker

This is a content strategy presentation unlike anything other content speakers deliver…

By 2020, more than 200B everyday objects will be connected to the Internet. We’re not just talking about smartphones and tablets, or only connected cars and tweeting toasters. Think smart shoes, shirts, street lamps, sidewalks and soda cans. This is the Internet of Things and it is the next content frontier.

Future-leaning companies as different as Adidas and Diageo are already embracing “product as content” — seamlessly integrating rich, personalized, content-driven experiences with the physical products they sell. We’ll look at some early examples and explore why content strategy will be even more important (and exciting) in an IoT world.

We’ll explore real world examples and future-looking ideas about how audiences will engage with “product as content” in the very near term. You’ll learn new ways to think about (and understand) a content ecosystem that is virtually limitless and content that is truly untethered from traditional interfaces. And you’ll understand the ways in which content strategy know-how (from crafting core strategy statements to employing structured, adaptive and intelligent content approaches) will ensure the creation of meaningful content experiences.

“Thank you for the excellent presentation that you made earlier this week in Berlin. The feedback we are getting is fantastic… Your session has engaged the entire leadership team, encouraged thinking and enthused people to go away and implement (with focus)!”

  • Ben Forward / Sanofi Pasteur MSD

“At the 2013 Ohio Library Council Convention & Expo, Greg served as the keynote speaker for the highest traffic day – effectively the Convention’s lynchpin. So many of our attendees tweeted great comments like ‘mind blown,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘our board needs to hear this,’ and ‘what an engaging keynote!’ We were thrilled to have a speaker of Greg’s caliber to be part of our Convention, and I recommend him highly.”

  • Robyn Vittek / Ohio Library Council

“What made Greg such a delight is that he’s a natural storyteller. Nobody wanted to stop listening and leave when we came to the end of the session. There’s nothing more wonderful that listening to someone who has something important to say and can say it in a way that engages and entertains.”

  • Randall Ringer / New York AMA

“There are lots of people who can talk about what’s ‘cool’ and what’s ‘new,’ but Greg goes beyond the hype and gives you the nitty-gritty on what it means to you and your business. He’s smart, funny (and fun), easy to work with, and (most importantly for those of us who plan events) he delivers on his promise.”

  • Ann Handley / MarketingProfs

“Greg Verdino is exactly what you look for in a speaker. Scary smart yet humble. Relaxed yet completely prepared. Authoritative yet funny and accessible. Greg knows everything there is to know about where business is headed, and did a fantastic job of delivering interesting, meaningful and – most importantly – actionable information to an already well-informed audience.”

  • Len Herstein / Brand Managecamp
“Few speakers energize people in a way that makes them want to take action. Greg Verdino is one of those speakers.”
  •  Senior Manager / Halliburton

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