My CEGOC Business Transformation Talk (Full Video)

My CEGOC Business Transformation Talk (Full Video)

Late last year, I had the pleasure of making my first trip to Lisbon as a guest of training company CEGOC, who was hosting their first Business Transformation Summit. Here’s the video of my complete talk…

And my slides…

 And finally, a nice set of visual notes hitting on a number of my key points.
Thanks to the CEGOC team and the event sponsors for having me.
My Telia Connect2Business Digital Transformation Talk (Full Video)

My Telia Connect2Business Digital Transformation Talk (Full Video)

Last week I had the opportunity to deliver the closing keynote at Telia’s Connect2Business customer conference in Stockholm. Telia streamed the entire event live and you can watch every session on-demand at the event site (everything except the two keynotes are in Swedish), but I figured I’d share my talk and the accompanying slides here.

My presentation was a 30-minute version of my most popular digital transformation keynote, in which I cover the exponential nature of change, touch on key disruptive technologies, dive into what this all means for business, and explore where the exponential opportunities lie for companies willing to take the plunge.



Thank you to Telia and their partner Humblestorm for hosting me at this top-notch event.
Look Beyond Virtual Reality’s Hype… and Its Haters

Look Beyond Virtual Reality’s Hype… and Its Haters

Long-time virtual world-watcher Wagner James Au believes you’re not missing much if you’re missing the point of all the recent virtual reality hype. This is a recurring theme on his personal blog and the subject of a new Wall Street Journal op-ed piece, Virtual Second Thoughtsin which he writes:

Business analysts who predict mass growth of VR are extrapolating from adoption trends of personal computers and videogame consoles, but those are fundamentally different products. It remains a mystery if there exists any substantial market for technology that’s so intrusive, beyond a niche of enthusiasts.

If I’m right, the next few years will see this latest hype wave for VR crest and subside, leaving perhaps a few million new consumers—a niche within the hard-core gamer niche who will use their VR devices mostly for what Second Life is still mostly used for now: 3-D games, and, of course, 3-D porn.

Au is right to offer a sober, if somewhat sour, counterpoint to the frothy boosterism surrounding much of the virtual reality conversation, but his argument seems to fall into two traps.

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