10 Questions Every CXO Must Ask About Digital

10 Questions Every CXO Must Ask About Digital

As a C-suite leader, it’s critical that you have the right answers about digital transformation. It’s just as important that you ask the right questions. At a time when a mere minority of global enterprises actually have a single global digital strategy, while those that do often express dissatisfaction about the degree to which that strategy is being executed and the expected results are being realized, it’s vital that boards and C-level executives turn a critical eye to the state of digital inside their own organization.

As part of The Digital Consultancy’s new report, Achieving Digital Excellence: Why Smart Strategy Matters Even More In the Digital Age, we pose 10 questions that will help you assess whether your organization has the strategy it needs to thrive in the digital economy.

How would you answer these 10 questions?

1. Does your organization have a single, global digital strategy?

2. Is that strategy clear and simple enough to be understood by every member of your team and all your outside partners (e.g., agencies, media partners, technology vendors)?

3. Do you feel that your digital strategy is being executed consistently by all team members and outside partners?

4. Have you researched and documented your customers’ digital consumer journey as a basis for data-driven decision making?

5. Can you gauge how well your current digital activities meet the most important needs of your customers and prospects?

6. Have you audited your current digital assets to ensure global consistency, minimal duplication or efforts, and adherence to quality standards?

7. Can you articulate the specific role each digital asset plays in your overall marketing mix, and do you understand how effective that asset is in achieving its purpose?

8. Are you measuring success consistently – with a robust measurement framework and routine reporting – then optimising your digital efforts to drive both near- and long term results?

9. Do you feel your organization, as it stands today, has all necessary skills to implement your digital strategy?

10. Do you feel your outside partners – especially your agencies – have the necessary skills to provide you with strategic guidance and implement your digital strategy efficiently, effectively, and with minimum duplication of effort?

How did you fare?

For more context and our ideas on how you can better prepare your business for digital transformation, download Achieving Digital Excellence.

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